I walked alone!

It’s all clear in my mind.

When I was wandering Into the Wild!

The Montains!

Were beautifull and green here.

And the Sun was shinning up in this sky!

I wanted to be lazy,

During this Afternoon.

Yet I walked the way trough,

All thaugh it was fine!

I felt the Wind twisting.

Atmosphere became strong.

I saw on the Horizon

Found out the reason!


I was alone…When I saw this Storm…

Come here…

Come here!

« Carry on! »

I don’t know why I kept staring.

Instead of looking for a shelter.

Big Clouds!

So dall and full of lightnings,

were breawing loadly as far as I!

I wanted to be lazy;

I walked to far from home.

I had no time to go back;

Nevermind I was lost!

I felt the wind coming;

Atmosphere became loud.

I didn’t want to run away;

Captivated by the show!


I was alone… When I saw this Storm…

Come here!


I was alone…when I saw this Storm…

Down here…

Down here!


Paroles Antonin Girard ; Antoine Grandin et Romain Decouflet
Tout droits réservés
Taggé , .Lien pour marque-pages : Permaliens.

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